A Place to Call Home

I personally feel that EVERYONE should ALWAYS not only feel free to bust a move… but it should be encouraged~

Goodbye Sippican Cafe…

Life is changing, and I have to admit it’s a bit nerve racking.  The unknown is exciting, but still scary.  One of my closest friends (best friend really) and I have been working in the same establishment for at least a year. Today is her last day there, and I’m extremely sad.

Moving on should involve celebration, but I can’t get past the idea that life won’t be the same after this.  I’m leaving this working environment in a short period of time as well, and I’m going to miss it.  I’ve spent three years of m life in the cafe, and it’s going to be a difficult transition to leave.

I usually welcome change, but getting used to a major change like this is going to me more than difficult.  I’m going to miss the friends I’ve made while working there, and I’m going to miss the work.  Most of all I’m going to miss the constant interaction with people who have played a major role in my life over the past 3 years.

Goodbye Sip.. I’ll miss you :-(

the key

I’ve decided that the key to life is having a good time on your free time.

Everyone is so worked up about (and hung up on) getting the dream job that they so desperately want.  To me work is work…  

Hooray to those of you who have that sweet setup in a job that you love to do that pays you well enough to get by comfortably.  However, to most of the population in those crappy desk, waitressing, and other lame positions NEVER FEAR!  You don’t have to be in that perfect position.  As long as you make enough to have some time off every week to do that special something you enjoy doing life is a breeze!

Enjoy the moments that you are not at that desk or at that table taking an order, and live them to the fullest.  Spend time with that awesome friend.  Eat some awesome food.  Enjoy and awesome book, and reward your awesome self for exactly how awesome you are!!! ^_^

continued good dancing

love watch our kids dance


What happens when you don’t know where to go or what to do?  I have the answer to that.  There are two things that happen.  You can either follow the route I’m on and lay in bed watching sad sad SAD abc family child dramas (Pretty Little Liars) and know for sure you are a true loser… or you can get up and do something worth while.

The problem for me is I have no idea what is worth while in this world any longer.  There are so few people on the planet that actually seem to care about much more than themselves, and I don’t feel the obligation or urge I used to feel to go out and help others.  

I’m finding fewer and fewer people that are nice let alone care about more than getting themselves to where they need to be.  No one is willing to self sacrifice to help another human being.  That is making me was to rethink my entire career path.  Everyone seems to be into social work or psychology, but it seems to me that doing something like this for financial gain or respect is a conundrum in itself.  How can I accept money for helping someone.  Doesn’t that taint the act?

I have no idea where to go any longer, and I’m sad to see that what we hold dearest in this country is sporting events, Reality shows, and money.

I’m moving to Europeland!


I have decided that there is too much going on in my head to just keep it to myself.  This will be a journal of some sort.  A way to keep myself sane by letting my crazy out.

So, today I have teared up 3 times.  Mostly from the Lost finale but there was one real teary moment that meant something to me.

-MOMENT! I was watching my mom start her facebook, and I became teary remembering my high school self.  I felt so insecure, and the people around me didn’t make me feel any better.  My mom was talking about someone that was special in her life, however this person was a negative entity in mine.  Trying to explain to my mom that this important person had made me feel horrible numerous times was difficult.  However, I’m glad that moment happened.  

Being a teen took a tole on me, and I must warn anyone who actually is bored enough to read this that much of this will be about my past. (and how it is affecting my present)

Anyway I’m glad I can sit here and reflect on today’s events (as minimal as they were).  Life is good right now and I can’t wait to live it with my new journal in place ^_^